Rewards & Scholarships

(a) Students securing a Rank in Top 200 in the Exam will get a Certificate of Achievement and will also get Free Online Doubt Removal Support to help them in their preparation even without joining FIITJEE.
(b) To further support these 200 meritorious Students, FIITJEE has decided to give Cash Scholarships to outstanding performers + Tuition Fee Waivers on FIITJEE Program on the basis of their performance and subject to scoring above minimum cut-off marks in each subject in the test. Based on the aggregate marks in the exam and marks in individual subjects, a common merit list will be prepared. Those Students who do not clear the individual subject cut-off marks as well as the grand total cut-off marks in written test will not qualify for the merit list.
FTRE Rank Total Cash Scholarship (in Rs.) Tuition Fee Waiver on FIITJEE Program* (in %) Hostel Expenses Support
1 1,50,000 100% Students who show a clear Potential to secure a Rank in Top 500 in JEE Advanced 2023 will be given Hostel Expenses Support.

FIITJEE will pay their Room Rent. However, Students will have to bear the food and other personal expenses.
2 90,000 100%
3 60,000 100%
4 to 10 45,000 100%
11 to 20 36,000 90%
21 to 50 30,000 75%
51 to 100 24,000 50%
101 to 200 10,000 50%
Tuition Fee Waiver is for One Year Classroom Program for JEE Advanced 2023 / eOne Year Live Online Classroom Program for JEE Advanced 2023. Cash Scholarship & Hostel Fee Waiver will be valid only for the batches commencing from 27th September 2022.
Note : In case less than 200 Students score above the minimum eligibility marks, then the number of Students eligible for Cash Scholarships will be altered respectively
Cash Scholarships + Tuition Fee Waivers for FIITJEE program + Hostel Fee Waivers worth about Rs. 3 Crores subject to Terms & Conditions
Note : All FIITJEE Scholarships are 3rd Party Funded based on Grants and Donations received from various Philanthropic Trusts & Societies.
(c) Those Students who are not shortlisted in the Top 200 but show sufficient potential to prepare for JEE Advanced 2023 will also be selected to join One Year Classroom Program / eOne Year Live Online Program for JEE Advanced 2023. Few Students among these may also be given 10% to 35% Tuition Fee Waiver only.
FIITJEE’s recognition of the genius, the commitment, and motivation in you goes much beyond giving you Fee Waivers for a course at FIITJEE. FIITJEE gives astronomical sums as Cash Rewards to its Students for registering notable success in JEE Advanced, JEE Main & Olympiads. For details, visit the nearest FIITJEE Centre & ask for the Reward Brochure or download it from
Benefits for those Students who were not FIITJEE Students while preparing for JEE Advanced 2022
All Students qualifying in JEE Advanced 2022 (in Common Merit List) who are eligible and desirous of preparing again for JEE Advanced 2023 for a better performance will get benefits of Tuition fee waiver and other waivers depending upon their Rank in JEE Advanced 2022. Please contact the nearest FIITJEE centre for more details.
For FIITJEE Students, benefits are different and details can be obtained from any FIITJEE centre.